███████                                              ██         ██
░██░░░░██          █████                             ░██        ░██
░██    ░██ ██████ ██░░░██ ███████  ██████     █████  ░██ ██   ██░██
░██    ░██░░██░░█░██  ░██░░██░░░██░░░░██     ██░░░██ ░██░██  ░██░██████
░██    ░██ ░██ ░ ░░██████ ░██  ░██   ██     ░██  ░░  ░██░██  ░██░██░░░██
░██    ██  ░██    ░░░░░██ ░██  ░██  ██    ██░██   ██ ░██░██  ░██░██  ░██
░███████  ░███     █████  ███  ░██ ██████░██░░█████  ███░░██████░██████
░░░░░░░   ░░░     ░░░░░  ░░░   ░░ ░░░░░░ ░░  ░░░░░  ░░░  ░░░░░░ ░░░░░


This is a community of dragon Free and Open Source software enthusiasts. We are building our own internet ecosystem of services which we can trust and feel safe at.
Drgnz.club is an invite-only community, so you will need to submit a request to join us. But don't be afraid! We are friendly and will gladly accept you if you agree to our few rules.

If you are interested to talk with us. You can join our Matrix rooms or XMPP rooms even though you are not a member of our community. You can also visit the wiki and FAQ page to find some useful information.

This website is still under construction!



A decentralized, encrypted and federated messaging platform.

Join Rooms
XMPP [offline]

Secure, private and trusted messaging protocol.

Join Rooms

Fediverse is a social media network which doesn't depend on a centralized server.


A simple and private search that get proxies results from other engines.


Git server with easy to use interface Forgejo.


Lightweight Youtube front-end that doesn't spy on you.


Simple and free voice group call software.


Decentralized video sharing and livestreaming platform.


Libre Reddit front-end.


Libre Twitter front-end.

Minetest [offline]

Git server with easy to use interface Forgejo.


Townsy dragon vanilla server. With several plugins.



We are looking for passionate and creative people who care about software freedom. Our goal is to slowly build a small but strong community full of wise, creative and friendly people.
If you like this community and want to register to our dragon club, you have to sign up using a registration form on the registration page. You will have to fill in few details about you and few questions and then just submit your answers. We will try to reply as fast as it is possible.

Staff team

Here is a list of people that keep the Drgnz Club tidy and running.




  • Adding wiki pages -
    13th January 2024

    As new year begins. I have decided to start writing simple wiki pages for our selfhosted services. So far I have made a page only for Matrix, but I plan to add more services soon.
    I have also noticed that there are new users coming to our community. I am very grateful for that. We want some new nice and friendly members to give more life to our community.

    ~ Waffelo

  • Drgnz structure change -
    21st November 2023

    We are planning to wipe nearly entire server and start again with improved way of doing things. We want to tidy up some things and apply things that we have learned right now when not many people use our services. The community will be invite-only or availabile only after registration.

    ~ Waffelo

  • Redesigning the page -
    19th November 2023

    I have decided to redesign the drgnz.club main website so it looks more minimal and so it is more practical. I don't like the bloated modern style, even though it looks more presentable.

    ~ Waffelo

  • Maintinance -
    4th November 2023

    Tomorrow the server will undergo maintinance. It will be shutdown for aproximately two hours around 12:00 CET.

    ~ Waffelo

  • New matrix room -
    31st October 2023

    We have opened the workshop room on our matrix homeserver which is intended to serve as the room for showing off your work and discussing it.

    ~ Waffelo

  • Minecraft whitelist -
    8th October 2023

    We have decided to make our Minecraft server whitelist only because a lot of bots kept joining our server and trying to make mess. If you want to get whitelisted, dm @Waffelo:drgnz.club on Matrix.

    ~ Waffelo