Welcome to the Drgnz club! This is a place for GNU/Linux and free software enthusiasts. Mainly for fluffy dragons.



We are a small community of Free and open-source software enthusiasts. We are made out of few fluffy creatures. We are creating an ecosystem of various pieces of software that can make it easier for people to stray away from evil proprietary software.

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Here are various dragon services that we offer. They are all free, both as in freedom and price. Most of these services can interact with other services


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get.

Q: How do you fund the network?

We fund our services from our own personal money and from donations.

Q: Where do you operate from?

We operate from Slovak Republic and Czechia.

Code of conduct

To be part of our community you need to follow several rules to enhance the experience.

  1. Don't insult, harass or otherwise make other people uncomfortable for any reason.
  2. Though drgnz.club is a free speech platform, we discourage discussing politics in the waffelo's den matrix channel.
  3. Promotion as well as sharing copies of non-free software outside of minecraft and software related to it is prohibited.
  4. It is discouraged to post low quallity memes and tik-tok-like video content on the platform.
  5. If you share content through facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter and other non-free platforms, it is highly encouraged to send links to it through free frontends like invidious, nitter, bibliogram etc...

Legal additions

(Under construction)


If you have any questions, suggestions or issues, you can contact us via listed options.

Staff Team



I am an 18 years old GNU/Linux enthusiast. I am the owner of this site.



Lead systems administrator of drgnz.club.