The DrgnzCraft Minecraft server is a community survival world running on version 1.20.4. This server is meant to be a comfy community town, users can create their own protected zones.

Joining the server

To join the server you have to be whitelisted. This is due to the bot attacks that we have experienced on regular basis. You will also create an account on the server using the /register command because we have offline server for those that don't have Minecraft purchased.
If tou want to be whitelisted, you should contact the admins and provide them your Minecraft username.

Joining details:
IP: drgnz.club
Port: 25566
Version: 1.20.4
Format: IP:Port

World map


If you want to connect with other players on our server, you can join our Matrix room or Mumble voice chat server.


DrgnzCraft is equipped with several plugins that contribute to fun and convinience.