If you like our community and project, and you want to join us, you will have to go trough a registration process. It is just a matter of filling this form with basic information that we need to accept. The rest is just sitting back and waiting for admin response.

Note: We will need your real email address to give you info about your registration status.

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  • Q: How long does it take to get accepted?
    A: It takes aproximately few hours.

  • Q: I have issues with my email client!
    A: If you have issues with the form, please email contact@waffelo.net with all neccessary info for registration.

  • Q: What are the requirements to join?
    A: You have to read and follow the Drgnz rules.

  • Q: How will I know whether I was accepted or not?
    A: You will recieve an email message after the admins review your request.

  • Q: What if I don't get any response at all?
    A: There is a chance of communication error. In that case you should message one of the admins personally.

  • Q: How can I register for services such as Peertube or Mumble?
    A: These services have different registration system, ask us more in the Drgnz chat.